Rogue Rebels Podcast - A Star Wars Family Pod

48: Clone Wars talk with Vanessa Marshall!

April 27, 2020

Sal, Liz, Axel, and Lizzy talk with special guest Vanessa Marshall about the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episodes Old Friends Not Forgotten and The Phantom Apprentice!

An echo filled talk about everything from a professional intro, The Siege begins, Rook Kast style, General Syndulla, nerd dreams, surprise Mando Mercs, lonely walkin' Maul, Ray Park moves, busy busy Ahsoka, what about the women and the children, Sal's Boga audition, the cusp of Order 66, Sith hitting with truth, tiny Dume, Skywalkwer, who are the traitors, and where's that Darksaber?

Rogue Rebels Podcast 48: Clone Wars talk with Vanessa Marshall!

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