Sal and Lizzy talk with special guests from the Rexin Around show Michael, Taylor, and Greg for another Book Club episode!

... Kind of...

well, Taylor didn't read it so we explain it to him and Lizzy mocks him but Greg took a bunch of notes and Sal gets lost and Michael wanted to grab some lightsabers. 

So basically... 

Dooku: Everyone Lost...

Enjoy the shenanigans!

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On this episode, Sal and Lizzy talk with Hawes from Blue Harvest and Rogue Won about the Mandalorian trailer from D23! We talk Trooper skulls, The Razor Crest, tide pods, giant cracked chocolate, Thrawn's cheek, where's Ezra, Caravan of Courage, Willow, Moff Gideon, hyperspace Ahsoka, Bounty hunting buddies, beskar, IG-11 and his insecurities, True Mandalorians, Endor memories, Cara Dune, Greef Carga, and complicated professions!

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On this episode, The Rogue Rebels talk and analyze the Star Wars Resistance Season 2 trailer! We talk Opeepit, Kaz, Tam, Neeku, Bitey, Yeager, the Dozas, The Colossus, flying giant sea creatures, space jackets, and droids who can't put their arms down!

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On this episode of Tales From the Rogue Rebels... AND the Rexin Around Show, Sal talks with Michael, Greg, and Taylor all about Master and Apprentice by Claudia Grey! We cover Qui-Gon, Kenobi, Aveross, Pijal, varactyl racing, parental 3POs, Force Lightning, force visions, Maul's lightsaber, Nim Pianna, Yoda, The Opposition, Soulcraft, Jedi loopholes, and Kohlon crystals!

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In this episode we talk with The Wookiee Gunner herself Johnamarie Macias @BlueJaigEyes(Applause/confetti) about having the experience to be some of the first in Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge... Or as I like to call it Black Spire Outpost. We talk about the trip, blue and green milk, the Falcon, Lightsabers, and EZRA's HELMET!!!

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On this Tales From The Rogue Rebels, we chat with special guest Rachel Williams @MianaKenobi about Queen's Shadow by E. K. Johnston! So join us with some rosé and take a deep dive into this book and all things Padmé, Sabé, Cordé, Dormé, and Versé! Lots of spoiler discussion here but I am certain we are brave enough...

Your Highness.

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On this Episode, The Rogue Rebels talk about Star Wars Celebration Chicago!


Aaaaaaaand missing it.

Fortunately, they will have plenty to see as they look forward to streaming the con from the comfort of home!


Unfortunately, they talk about some of the things they will miss that you just can't experience unless you are there.


Either way, they can't wait!

On this episode, we talk #RebelsRemembered and hear from lots of the friends we made along the way! Star Wars Rebels has been the spark that ignited so many wonderful moments in our lives we could never forget.

On this episode, we wrap up our 2018 and all the great Star Wars things we enjoyed! We joined K2 to discover Secrets of the Empire, we watched the liberation of Lothal, partied at Galactic Nights, Watched Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars Resistance, Our Star Wars Stories, Women of the Galaxy, and we look ahead to what's coming in 2019! 

The Rogue Rebels talk the first half of Star Wars Resistance season 1, the Youtube shorts, the jaw-dropping mid-season trailer, and look ahead to the rest of the season!

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