Sal, Liz, and Lizzy, and special guest Zoe from Star Wars Geek Girl talk about the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode Gone With a Trace!

Everything from 80's school days, introducing Zoe, window judgment, Disneyland, hamburger helper, life without George, a hero returns, shout out to the Legal Geeks, equal rights, background Mandos, 1313 financial issues, Jedi politics, what a trial, Windu the jerk, toilet paper paths, Chiquitibun a la bim bum ba, sketchy Rafa, breakdance fights, chips>dialogue, lost n found, adult decisions, face tattoos, tookas, Mandopacalypse, Binary smash bot, child witness, business morality, a wharf, more space latinas, bigger than Clone Wars, teenage Boba, Mando hoodies, waiting to binge, and being friends with Zoe is difficult!

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