Rogue Rebels Podcast - A Star Wars Family Pod

55: We’re Back! …and High Republic Stuff.

September 30, 2020


Sal and Lizzy return from their real lives to Star Wars podcasting!


They talk everything from Lizzy being far, far away, Thrawn is a blue guy in space, Sky-walkers,  Dooku's diary, tinky tanos, trivia but with Star Wars Explained, history we have our eyes on you, cows and jetskis, The Office, Yoju retreat, movie time, grandmas and Star Wars, Vi needs a toy, random Loth-wolf, side-eye Yoda, Jedi Jedi everywhere, newly minted, glorious Wookiee cape, Starros, Skeer is gorgeous, non-Hondo, The Lost 20, Maybe Mandos, saber/wine opener, trandoshan arms, people just livin', surprise trials, and finding that representation!


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