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67: Light of the Jedi with Hawes Burkhardt!

January 25, 2021

On this Tales From the Rogue Rebels Sal talks with special guest Hawes Burkhardt about Light of the Jedi!

They talk everything from High Republic fashion, the golden era of Jedi, creative freedom, WEAR A MASK, all-new characters, WE ARE ALL THE REPUBLIC, the Starlight Beacon, Skeer and Trennis, Jedi flaws, connecting with single-serving characters, Mando theories, Marchion Ro and the Nihil, the San Tekka Clan, the Great Disaster, Burry the BEST HUGGER, Jedi Vectors, Jedi Battle Meditation(TM,) Porter Engle: Jedi Chef, also the Blade of Bardotta, Elphrona, the paths, audiobook music, lightsaber cannons, Soule connecting all the dots, and getting into a new era!!

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