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66: From a Certain POV The Empire Strikes Back with Emily Lind!

January 18, 2021


On this Tales From the Rogue Rebels Sal talks with special guest Emily Lind about From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back!


They talk everything from BOOKIT, how hot Cobb Vanth is, The Fast and Furious-verse, anthologies, annoying Han and Leia, building on hope, space FBI, being really good at math, inspirational mantras, book representation, who is a hero, propaganda, Zev's bet, lil Kendal, VEERS WATCH, I call it the Ex-ecutor, space diapers, sexy Star Wars, RAE SLOANE, Daniel Jose Older, 150 year old children's charity, delete grandpa, BROBA FETT and JON HAMM together again, live by the procedure, Over-it-all Kenobi, Jaxxon, a chef story, Ugnaught families, the Millennium Collective ROCKS, slice of life, that Cloud City King dude, and enjoying when Star Wars is fun!

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