Sal, Liz, and Lizzy talk The Mandalorian Chapter 11: The Heiress!

Everything from Axel's busy life, Spanish Star Wars podcasting, personalized show notes, sweater guy, frog love, counting kids, I'M ON A BOAT, wine and beer patterns, the mamacore show, Mr. Steele sir, NITE OWL WHOOPASS, HOOOOLAAAAAA, come with me if you want to live, Sal can't stop interrupting, excuse me foundling, mom wisdom, Child of the Watch, Mando sunset, at least buy him a drink, blue hair, AHA, adventures in babysitting, Detective Bosch, MO MANDO WHOOPASS, Predator vision, where is the Dark Saber, mechanic thing, and thank you Bryce Dallas Howard!

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