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33: The Mandalorian Chapters 7 & 8!

January 9, 2020

Sal, Liz, and Axel talk with special guest Vinnie the Mando about The Mandalorian: Chapters 7 and 8!

Everything from podcasting with real-life Mando armor, fix that knee, Death Watch Kenobi, reverse scorpion, twi'leks, YoJu needs a license, we will all be quiet, flamethrowers, it's a Creed, TIE fighter booster seat, YoJu satchel, Death Watch saves the day, more canon Mandos, the Alderaanian, duritos, Kanan Jarrus moments, jacked-up Pedro, clans of two, creepy ferrymen, the magic hand thing, Mando paint jobs, The Siege of Mandalore, The Man in Black, westars, and Ahch-To Temple!

Rogue Rebels Podcast 33: The Mandalorian Chapters 7 & 8

Check out Vinnie the Mando on IG: @TheMandoKenobi

And his show: Docking Bay Three Five Podcast

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