Sal, Liz, Lizzy, and Axel talk with special guests Frank Knight and Bianca Hernandez about Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episodes Station to Station, The Missing Agent, and Breakout!

Everything from Saber Guild, San Fran visits, season of Star Wars, it's not 2019 anymore, Batuu engagements, The Courtship of Princess Leia, Teneniel Djo, rancor teeth, Trapper Wolf got a Fortnite, JERK Rucklin, fake voices, SNL canon, Neeku and exposition, paint jobs by NOT Sabine, elevator Hux, Pyre is what color now, Tam growth, an Ax TaGrin... d, fistfight Synara, Lechee the Californian, bad cop CB-23, it's all pixels, famous last words, bounty hunter Alexa, #JusticeForCB, dramatic irony, stormtrooper neck, never underestimate a droid, T-pose colossus, Aces to the rescue, the best and worst spies meet, surviving Jedi, bad bacta batch, my best Freddie, random citizens, eating Resistance, and historical sushi hats!

Rogue Rebels Podcast 32: Star Wars Resistance - Station to Station, The Missing Agent, and Breakout

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