Rogue Rebels Podcast - A Star Wars Family Pod

22: The Mandalorian Chapters 1 and 2

November 18, 2019

Sal, Lizzy, Liz, and Axel talk The Mandalorian: Chapters 1 and 2!

Everything from the Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere experience, seeing Gina Carano, our yearly photo with Filoni, The Mando Mercs, popcorn and soda, happy birthday Tracy, Favreau, the ferryman, Mee-yoka, vac-tubes, half a bounty, creepy stormtroopers, beskar, tadpoles with legs, IG-11, I have spoken, range finders and their initials, the child, Tesla crib, disintegrated Jawas, Super Star Wars, just as good as a gorg, you sound like a wookiee,  the sooka, Axel hates mud, and our heartfelt thanks!!

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