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Sal talks about the Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren comic series with special guests The Bad Motivators Eric, Dallas, and Luke!

Everything from twitter handles, Snoke's fashion week, Knights of Ren, sugar substitutes, He-Man Handsome Ren, Ren band shots, the Night Buzzard, skype buddies, out of town Jedi, certain points of view, accidental Forceplosions, Tai the homie, Li'l Kylo road trips, job interview, Ben's makeover, good deaths, unexpected Sidiousness, OMG is that's the PRINCESS, expectations, Matt Martin tweets some truth about the night the Jedi Temple burned down, and the more you know!

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Sal, Liz, Lizzy, and Axel talk about The Rise of Skywalker!

Everything from SPOILERS EVERYWHERE, The Rise of Skywalkwer, Steps Into Shadow pain, legendary heroes who return every hundred years, attack puppy, popcorn needs, your Snoke theory sucked, The dead speak, party planet, OKAY, Dave fly now, Secrets of the Empire, the powers of YoJu, that happened to Dooku once, I Babu, I'm the First Order spy, elemental nature, when mom watches, NO THANK YOU, the Yuuzhan Vong or Legacy of the Force, The Crush Awakens, bookstore trips, the Acolytes of the Beyond, but did he died, Rogue 200000, my favorite Dyad, Rosemary, Jannah is ride or die, Blurrgfire for the puppy, voices, Uncle Ezra, Reylo, lots of hugs, Silent Hill 2, and HEYHEY!!

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